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The Matrix/Red Dwarf
The Crossover

Welcome to "The Matrix/Red Dwarf" crossover page. This page is almost like a cheap but creative fun comicbook on the internet. What I have done is take images from my most favourite movie of all time The Matrix and mix them with images from my most favourite television series Red Dwarf. I then make some small plot for them to be in and interact. Whoa

Neo: "This is only the middle of my journey towards saving humanity. Juring this period of time. I have encountered many people, one of them was the crew of a lost ship "Red Dwarf", which just arrived back to there home planet Earth. They have helped us rebels with our mission to save the world."
"This is the beginning of my journey with the crew of Red Dwarf."

Neo: "Buckle your seat-belt web-surfer, cause your home is going bye, bye."

Part 1
The Beginning
By Dane Atkinson
The crew of Red Dwarf is on their way home back to Earth. They got there using the old Holly Hop Drive, finally it worked, and it's been a very long time since the ships remaining crew of red dwarf have last seen their home planet.

Meanwhile, inside Red Dwarf. Dave Lister (the space bum) is talking to Arnold Rimmer. Lister is very excited about finding his home planet.
Lister: "I can't wait man. Me home planet is just right in front of us. We've finally made it back. It's been a such a long-time."
Rimmer: "Yes, but the world I'm sure has changed Lister. It's been 3 million years."
Lister: "Smeg Rimmer. At least the planet still exists."
Rimmer: "Yes, but how about the rest of humanity, they could have died or...or something."
Lister: "Shut up man!!!"
Rimmer: "..."
Cat: "Yo guys, quit your stupid argueing. I'm sure there's a lot of hot babes down there waiting for us. Especially me."
Red Dwarf then continues it's journey towards Earth.

Later, when the ship arrives. They see the ruins of a once technological, over populated planet. Rimmer is not to surprised about the Earth and it's new appearence, but Lister is.

Lister: "What the smeg is wrong with me planet Earth!?!" Rimmer: "I told you Lister, the planet wouldn't be the same as it once was".
Cat: "But what happened?"
Rimmer: "I DON'T KNOW"

Kryten: "Sorry to intrude into this wonderful conversation sir, but are ship seems to be under attack by evil A,I Robots."
Lister: "What!!! Where???".
Kryten: "From all over sir, the ship is going to crash soon".
Lister: "Nooooo!!! Do something!!!"
Rimmer: "Are these robo killers from Earth???"
Kryten: ".......yes."

Rimmer: "Why is it that are own robots are turning against us?"
Kryten: "I have no idea sir."
Rimmer: "Let's just get out of here before wE ALL CRASH!"
Lister: "No way man! These smeg-heads are not going to make me run away from the place I was searching for so long."
Kochanski: "Lister's right, we have to fight them."
Rimmer: "Ohhhh boy...This is it"

Outside, the Sentinal's attack.
They tear the ship apart and try to destroy the crew inside

Kryten: "The robots are now turning our ship into little tim bits sir."
Rimmer: "Activate the laser cannons on the ship!"
Kryten: "Yes sir."
Cat: "AHHHHHH!!! All this shaking in the ship will mess up my hair."
Rimmer: "That's it, everyone for themselves."

Lister: "Smeg!!! They've broken through the hull."
End Transmission for Part 1...

What will happen to the crew of Red Dwarf during
this dangerous attack. Will they be saved. Find out
in part 2.

[Part 2: Sentinal Attack]

Gueststars coming soon to the "The Matrix/Red Dwarf Crossover Site":
Tom Green, from the Tom Green Show
Technoman, anime character from the show Technoman
Kevin Spencer, cartoon character from the show Kevin Spencer

Feel free to e-mail me other names of celebrities or characters you want to see here in this intergalatic adventure with the crew of Red Dwarf in The Matrix with Neo and the rest of the rebels, fighting to save the world from A,I.

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