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Welcome to my Red Dwarf site.
This website contains information
and images from the funny
television series called Red Dwarf.
This show is about 5
characters named Dave Lister ( the
last human alive ), Arnold Rimmer ( a
hologram ), Cat ( half human, half
cat ),Kristine Kochanski ( last
human alive from another deminsion)
, and Kryten ( the droid ).
They were the last survivers left
from a radiation leak that broke out
in a mining ship called "Red Dwarf"
deep in space.

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Red Dwarf is a wacky sci-fi British comedy series that flat out rocks.The characters and all the spaced out adventures they run into in this show makes it very interesting and also very hilarious. Make sure to check this show out, it's funny.

All rights are reserved to the real owners of each image in this site. This site was made by Dane A, year 1999-2000.

Last Updated:
June 13th/2000

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