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The Planet

My Canterbury High School Science Project
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After the discovery of the planet Uranus it was noticed that this planet's orbit was not as it should be according to Newton's laws of gravity and motion. It was therefore predicted that another more distant planet must be disturbing Uranus's orbit.

In January of 1613, Galileo Galilei had been observing the planet Jupiter over several nights. While observing it, he didn't realize he had seen a new planet. He had seen... Neptune.

It was not until September 23 of 1846 when Johann Gottfried Galle of the Berlin Observatory, and Louis d'Arrest, an astronomy student, discovered the eighth planet by using the mathematical predictions of Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier.

Still, not much was known or could be observed of this planet because of it's great distance away from our planet.

It was not until August of 1989 when our space probe "Voyager 2" flew past Neptune, that we were able to obtain a vast amount of information about this planet.

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