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In here you'll find the results from my previous polls.

Who would you rather have star in the Matrix sequels?
> Michelle Yeoh [11 votes] (40%)
> Jet-Li [16 votes] (59%) Winner
27 Total votes

Added Comments:
1#ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh keanu reeves is soooooooooooooo hottttt!

If Neo (Keanu Reeves) fought Young Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), who would win?
> Neo [49 votes] (83%) Winner
> Obi-Wan Kenobi [6 votes] (10%)
> Draw [4 votes] (6%)
59 Total votes

Added Comments:
1#this is quire....what kind of a question is that... It all depends where the fight starts, if it took place in the matrix, well then hmmm, It be neo for sure, but Tomas Anderson is weakass outside the matrix, then it be Obi-Wan with his light sabre duhhhh fuck....
2#it would be an awsome battle of techno and mind both combinde in thought and control of technology, both charictor from different dimentions, this would truly be a fight to see!
3#well the special effects have gotten better plus if Neo (Keanu) can dodge bullets he can dodge a lightsaber, oh yeh, when the time comes he won't have to...remember Ke was only about 10 years old when starwars was out, but I bet he thought of being Luke..

Girls only! Who would you rather have a relationship with?
> Dane -creator of this site, me [5 votes] (19%)
> Keanu -actor, plays Neo [21 votes] (80%) Winner
26 Total votes

Have you seen The Watcher yet?
> Yes [13 votes] (52%) Winner
> No, but planning to [6 votes] (24%)
> No, not planning to [6 votes] (24%)
25 Total votes

What did you like most about The Matrix?
> The Fight Scenes, whoa [0 votes] (0%)
> The movies plot [7 votes] (25%)
> Keanu Reeves [8 votes] (28%)
> Carrie-Anne Moss [2 votes] (7%)
> Everything! [11 votes] (39%) Winner
28 Total votes

What would you like Keanu Reeves hair style to be like in The Matrix 2/3?
> The same as part one of Matrix [14 votes] (63%) Winner
> Long hair like in The Watcher [2 votes] (9%)
> Shaved head like in Speed, eck [6 votes] (27%)
22 Total votes

Wouldn't it be a most excellent fight if Keanu Reeves and Jet Li fought each other in Matrix 2/3?
> Most Excellent! [14 votes] (82%) Winner
> Cool [3 votes] (17%)
> I don't care [0 votes] (0%)
17 total votes

What would you rather see Jet-Li be in the Matrix 2/3?
> Agent [9 votes] (47%) Winner
> Human working for AI [2 votes] (10%)
> Rebel [8 votes] (42%)
19 Total votes

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