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Welcome to my links page.

If you want your websites address listed here. Send the address by e-mail to , and I will look over it to see if it will be listed. All I want in return is that you advertise my website in yours as well, Thank you.

Dane's "MATRIX/RED DWARF" Crossover page
This is my newest site so far. It's a site almost like a comic book on the net. What I did was mix both The Matrix and Red Dwarf together and make them have adventures. This site of mine is a must see, tell me what you think about it once you get there.
Darren's Anime Ring
This site is the newest of my friend Darren's site's. It contains images for those hard-core anime fans who like Dragon Ball Z, Guyver, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and etc. Check it out. I think it's his best work yet.
Darren's Final Fantasy VIII Site
This site is another one of my friend Darren's sites. It's on our favourite R,P,G game Final Fantasy VIII. It contains cool images of the characters from the game, and some information. Check it out.
Neo Dragon's "Dragon Ball Z" Site
This Dragon Ball site was made by my friend Neo Dragon (a,k,a MK 3:16, "his real name I will not reveal"). It contains fantastic images, and information on his favourite anime. *Best viewed on Internet Explorer
Darren's Starcraft Site
This site was made by another one of my friends named Darren. It's on his favourite computer game called Stracraft. It contains images and animated GIF's.
Dane's "Matrix" Fan Site
This site was made by me earlier. It's on my favourite movie "THE MATRIX" starring Keanu Reeves. There's hundreds of images and lots of information. Hope you enjoy looking at it.

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