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News Updates

Hi, if you have any new news on Keanu Reeves, the movie Matrix and/or it's sequels, etc. I'd be happy to know. Just e-mail the information to me, thanks.

The Sequels
Keanu Reeves has signed to do two, count'em two, sequels to the special effects epic "The Matrix". It was said that he was receiving $20 million for each movie, but just earlier i heard that he is now going to receive either i think 10% or 30% on whatever is made from both films. The producers promised to hire his band Dogstar for the soundtrack. Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss will also be continuing to star in the sequels. Shooting on the sequels starts soon in Australia, and the second film will be released winter 2002. -15/12/00: Keanu and the cast are currently undergoing martial arts trainning for the sequels.

August 3rd/2000:
Matrix 2 script finished!

By Claudia Puig, USA TODAY
Keanu Reeves has the script for The Matrix 2 in hand, and he's giving it a big thumbs up.
"It's fantastic," he says. "It has even more ambitions than the first one. My character is more developed."
Reeves, whose career was kick-started by starring as Neo in the original, will start training for the physically grueling role in November. Two sequels are planned, the first for late 2002 and the second for summer 2003. They'll be shot back-to-back starting in late March or early April.
The Matrix, which grossed $171.2 million last year, was lauded for its sci-fi action scenes and unusual camera work.
Reeves says the stunts in Matrix 2 are even more elaborate. "There are a lot of physical demands in it," he says. "It's more sophisticated in the action sequences and fight sequences."
The brother team of Andy and Larry Wachowski, who also wrote and directed the first film, now is studying digital cameras and "trying to achieve certain camera perspectives," Reeves says.
The 35-year-old actor says The Matrix and its sequels are appealing because they aim to "synthesize the action spectacle and give it an emotional context."
So much so, Reeves says, that "I never thought of it as an action picture. I always thought of it as a drama."

August 3rd/2000:
Agent Smith Alive:

Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) is reportedly going to be back in the matrix sequals.

Keanu and Carrie's New Film Releases
January 3rd/2001:
Keanu stars in The Gift

Keanu Reeves has a new film coming out soon which i'm planning to see. It's called The Gift co-starring Hilary Swank, Greg Kinnear (Fargo), Katie Holmes, and Cate Blanchett. It's supposed to be in the horror/mystery catagorie where Keanu plays the husband of a wife which discover's she's psychic... is that how you spell it? Well, sounds very interesting right. Well i think so, but thats not why i'm only seeing the movie. Keanu is in it! So why not go see it like i will. Remember it's going to be released in theaters this January on the 19th. Don't forget to also sign my guestbook after viewing my site, thank you =)

August 21st/2000:
The Watcher.....

Hi, todays news on the actor/musician Keanu Reeves is to tell or remind you that his newest disturbing, horrorfying film The Watcher is going to be released soon in theaters on September 8th/2000. Make sure to check out the official website for more details. When you go you'll notice the terrifying background music on the website that goes with the contents, it reminds me of the B movie "Holloween" or the scary game "Resident Evil". Ehhhhhhhhhhh (frightened noise), this movie is going to be great.

August 5th/2000:
Keanu Reeves in The Replacements!

Make sure to catch Keanu Reeves new movie The Replacements, coming out Friday August 11th. I'm for sure going to see it.

Jet-Li and Michelle Yeoh Biz
January 26th/2001:
Michelle/Jet say "No" to the matrix:
It's been just said that Michelle Yeoh. Star of the wonderful film i saw earlier "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". Has just declined from starring in the Matrix sequels. She says that "She has "other" things to do, like produce her own film called The Touch for the asian audience. Holy f#ck. Now who are they going to hire, hmmm. Not that i really care for Michelle Yeoh. I still would have preferred Jet-Li to star in The Matrix 2, but's he not either because he also has his own things to do, plus he didn't get his wanted amount of cash, boo woo.
Who are they going to hire? whooooo

January 8th/2001:
Michelle Yeoh "The Replacement:
As some of you real hardcore Matrix fans may already know. Jet-Li has declined from starring in both Matrix 2 and 3 due to him not getting his demanded or going rate pay. Jet-Li now makes $9 million per film but he asked for $13 million for this project. But they were only able to offer him $3 million, which is still a shit load for me. But to him, there jipping his ass off 1 third of even his real pay. For Jet-Li, it's all for the money. Crap! I bet they could have made something up where he gets paid more at the end of the project. Check my own comic strip on it. Well, Michelle Yeoh (star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) has now been afforded the role to replace Jet's character probably getting Jet's rejected payment. For sure we now know that the chracter must have martial arts talent that's obivously going to be showen off in the film. What role? I don't know and neither should you! We'll all see it onfold in Winter 2002 when it's released.

Jet-Li, a no show! :
There was talk about Jet Li (star of Romeo Must Die) starring in the upcoming sequels to The Matrix. But just lately it was comfirmed that a part was offered to him for both sequels which he sadly... sadly....ohhh so sadly turned... down. Now what the f$%k was he thinking, this could have been a movie which could have made him even a larger star and be adord by even more fans. He would have had the chance to fully show off his real martial art talents in the film! But... why? How could he? Why he did this, i have no idea. You'll have to find out that on your own somewhere on the net. A special so called thanks to my friend Pojz which had to inform me about this tragic information. Bye oo (^o^)

Jet Li in the sequels:
There's also been talk about Jet Li (star of Romeo Must Die) starring in the upcoming sequels to The Matrix. But there are some things they have to fix if he's coming on. The movies budget and finding a part for him for example.

Original Matrix
Fight Scenes-the effect:
Those action packed fighting scenes in the movie "Matrix" were awesome. I was actually jumping back and forth, left and right in my seat as I watched Keanu (Neo) fight Laurence (Morpheus) in that dojo. I hope that Hong-Kong action movie master Yuen Wo-ping will train Keanu Reeves and the cast again. He would be able to show them how to do all those "KickAss" moves in the follow-up's to the movie. Yuen Wo-ping trained Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Laurence Fishburne for months before shooting the 1st Matrix.

The Plot:
Matrix is a movie about a computer hacker named Thomus Anderson (a,k,a Neo) played by Keanu Reeves, which finds out that the world he lives in is nothing more than a computer generated (digital) world made to keep all of humanity in control so that in the real world, robots that have A,I can use'em as a form of energy to stay alive. Neo then is told by rebal leader Morpheus played by Laurence Fishburne, that he's the one to save all mankind from it. This movie is only the beginning for one of the best sequels ever i think.

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