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Sounds from the Matrix

WAV Files:
>Neo: "What are you trying to tell me, that I could dodge bullets" (205k)
>Neo: "What is the matrix" (27k)
>Neo and Oracle: Conversation between them about the vase (412k)
>Neo and Morpheus: "How did I beat you...." (342k)
>Neo and Agent Smith: "Agent Smith: "Your empty" , Neo: "So are you" (73k)
>Trinity and Neo: "I've never seen someone move that fast..." (159k)
>Trinity and Neo: Trinity: "Hello Neo" , Neo: "How do you know my name?"... (101k)
>Neo and Agent Smith: "My name... is Neo..." (471k)
>Neo: "Have you ever had that feeling, where your not sure your awake or still dreaming" (118k)
>Neo: "Ohhhh Deja vu" (43k)
>Neo: "How about i give you the finger......and you give me my phone call" (195k)
>Neo: "I know Kung Fu" (22k)
>Neo and Tank: Tank: So what do you need...besides a miracle, Neo: "Guns, Lots of Guns" (183k)
>Neo: "Neo Screams" (126k)

Sound Effects:
>Neo's fingers going through a mirror (59k)

>Music from the beginning of the matrix film (122k)
>Du Hast (19k)
> The eyes of truth-Enigma (Music from The Matrix commercial) (783k)
>Short bit from Crystal Method (Music from Matrix commercial) (117k)

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