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Other Information on Neptune
Written by Dane Atkinson

Voyager 2 noticed 3 bright rings around the planet of Neptune. We were unable to notice this before from earth because the material in them is so fine and is so diffuse.

The Main Ring orbits Neptune about 38,100 kilometers (23,700 miles) above the cloud tops. It contains three separate regions where the material is brighter and denser. Several of Voyager's photos show what appear to be clumps embedded in the rings. Scientists are not sure what causes the material to clump.

The Inner Ring about 28,400 kilometers (17,700 miles) above the cloud tops.

An Inside Diffuse Ring is a complete ring located about 17,100 kilometers (10,600 miles) from the cloud tops of Neptune Some scientists believe that these rings extend all the way down to the cloud tops.

An area called the Plateau, a broad, diffuse sheet of fine material just outside the so-called Inner Ring.

The material varies considerably in size from ring to ring. The largest proportion of fine material -- approximately the size of smoke particles, is in the Plateau. All other rings contain a greater proportion of larger material.

The planet Neptune can be the futherest planet from the sun at times because Pluto's orbit is eccentric, and it sometimes crosses the orbit of Neptune.

We would be unable to research this planet from it's surface because it's impossible and would most likely be a sucide mission if it was attempted. The only way this planet can be studied is from orbit at a safe distance, like Voyager 2.